Forever Home Feline Ranch LOVES it when Kyra volunteers.  We can't say enough good things about her!  Kyra is amazing with the cats and great with people.  She will jump in and help with anything.  FHFR is blessed to have such a great volunteer.  We thank Kyra and her family for helping out the ranch kitties.



Did you see the piece WAND TV did about the Catification project at the Ranch?

The amazing Yoga4Cats group have partnered with us to 

cat-ify our facilities.

Wandtv.com, NewsCenter17, StormCenter17, Central Illinois News-

Rochester -
Cats are often the most difficult animals to adopt. Now, one sanctuary in Rochester is doing their part to provide homes for displaced cats across central Illinois and beyond.         

After the closure of Homeward Bound, many of the individuals who were involved with Yoga4Cats felt like their hard work of catifying the rooms went to waste. So now, they are helping an organization dedicated to creating homes for cats, for the rest of their lives.

With cats everywhere you turn, the Forever Home Feline Ranch is dedicated to saving as many animals as they can.

"We do allow a forever home here, so some of our cats are 16, 17 years old. They have a forever home with us if we're not able to get them adopted," says Billie Colley, President of the Forever Home Feline Ranch.

The ten-acre sanctuary opened in 2009 and has been saving lives ever since.

"It's all 100% volunteer run. It's not-for-profit. We have no grants," added Colley.

"We do a lot of work with all the other shelters in the area. We watch the euthanasia list, and we pull them off death row if you would say."

Now, Yoga4Cats is stepping up to help the sanctuary.

“We just recently started installing all the furnishings here. This room was the last room we did at Homeward Bound. Now we have recreated it in this space for these cats, and they love it,” explains Jeanette Skaluba, a volunteer with Yoga4Cats.

The relationship has been mutually beneficial.

"It's been really nice to see all of the work Yoga4Cats but in to homeward bound being used somewhere else. So it's nice to know that's not just going away... it's going to help other animals in need and kind of carry on that legacy that homeward bound had," expressed Melanie Bilbrey, a volunteer with Yoga4Cats.

"Obviously if you look at some of the rooms that they have worked on, they have helped get them to the next level to really give these guys a great space while they are here,” stated Colley.

Each group thankful for one another, and everything they do for each cat that comes their way.

The cat sanctuary has support from across the country and takes in cats who are FIV positive and herpes positive.

Yoga4Cats is planning on having a yoga class at the ranch early next year.




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