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Adoption information:

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Forever Home Feline Ranch cat. All of our cats live and play in loving foster homes (at least until the ranch property is renovated). We pride ourselves on getting to know each of the cats individual personalities. Every cat has been spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested for FIV and Feline Leukemia, flea & worm treated, vaccinated against rabies, distemper and feline leukemia. Our goal is to help place each cat in a loving home and to help find the perfect companion pet to fit your lifestyle. We place followup calls or emails on all the cats that have been adopted and encourage adopters to call or email with any questions.

The adoption process consists of the following:
Must be 18 years of age to adopt and all family members should be in agreement
Our adoption fee is $42.00
Short application form will need to be filled out
We require a valid form of identification (drivers license or ID)
Must be able to provide landlord's name and number and a copy of lease agreement if you rent
Agree to give the cat proper grooming, food, water, attention, vet care and a loving home
Promise to return the cat to us if the placement does not work out. We will take the cat back no matter what the reason
All cats will go home in a pet carrier
With every adoption, you will receive a cat care book and bag of toys

If you have any questions regarding our adoption policy call us at
217-503-9898 or send an email to


One of the Lucky Ones: Meet Sid


Let me introduce myself, my name is Sid and I am one of the lucky ones. Ever heard the expression third times a charm? Well that is what happened to me. Life has been rough- I was found wandering the streets as a stray and taken to the McDonough County Animal Control. I was told that the cages were getting full and time was running out. Luck be a lady when I was transferred to the Forever Home Feline Ranch. So begins my journey of being shoved into this small box called a pet carrier and taken to adoptions. I waited patiently hoping that someone would fall in love with me. I found a home and unfortunately the ranch received a call stating I had to come back. I guess I was a little food aggressive and beating up the other cat. I just wanted to eat!

So it starts again…the box, the car and the trips to the adoption center. The wonderful staff at Petsmart loved me- said I was a cool cat. Finally another chance at adoption- home free! Life was good until the ranch received a call. My new family was in tears - they had to give me up due to something called allergies. Once again here comes the box, the car ride and trips to the adoption center. Several times I went out and no one paid a bit attention to me. Guess the fact that I had been adopted twice and returned put a bad taste in their mouths.

Then one day luck was on my side….I kept on thinking will they pick me??? I was told that the third times a charm. A wonderful lady came in to Petsmart with her family…..she spotted me through the glass and came up to say hello. I worked my magic on this lady, hoping she would pick me. They went home to have a “family discussion”… paws were crossed. They called the ranch and talked to the volunteers to see if I would be a good fit. Another family discussion occurred. Then they came back…yippee…yes, they came back to see me and take a chance on me.

Well guess what folks…the third time is the charm. I am one lucky fellow. I have a great home with a wonderful family and they love me!!! I even get along with their other cat Shadow- in fact, I have a friend. I would like everyone that is considering adopting to talk to the volunteers to see if some of the other cats would be a good fit – take your time and think about it and please give us a chance. Take a chance and be patient. The Hess family was and I am now the king of my castle.

I think about my other friends that need a chance and would love to have a home. Consider a ranch cat when you are adopting. They tell the new family if it doesn’t work out they will take us back! Not only that, if it doesn’t work out - they let you try a different cat. How cool is that???


Muffin Finds True Love

Every adoption is special. Everyone in animal rescue will say this over and over. Yet, there are some adoptions that seem more special because of the circumstance of either the cat or the adopter. Such is the case of Muffin and Tom. Muffin, a very cute tabby and white cat, was dumped around the area of Capitol Blueprint. The good folks at Capitol Blueprint fed her and looked out for her welfare for several months. They contacted the Forever Home Feline Ranch, but at the time there was no room, especially for an outdoor cat. Well fate has a funny way of sneaking up on people, and Muffin. One day shortly after the initial phone call from Capitol Blueprint, one of the board members (Brownie) stopped by the business to pick up an order. The woman at the counter asked Brownie if she was there to pick up Muffin. The woman immediately took Brownie outside to where Muffin stayed and sure enough there she was. As with all good animal rescuers, Brownie had an animal carrier in her car. Muffin marched into the carrier and instantly became a Ranch cat. That's when the trouble started. Muffin liked to be fed, but did not like other cats and most people.......and she liked to be outside. After a trip to the vet, Muffin went to live at a foster home with other cats. There was a little "drama" for a few days until Muffin secured her territory in the cat room. To make a long story short, Muffin was a cat that had to be loved from afar and had very little chance of adoption. Until, that is, until Tom found her picture on Petfinder. Tom sent an email to the Ranch saying he was interested in meeting Muffin. He was told of Muffin's "issues", but still wanted to meet her. Their first meeting was less than love at first sight. Muffin was playing very hard to get. Tom was introduced to other cats available for adoption, but he wanted to think about Muffin. Despite Muffin's aloofness, Tom wanted to take a chance on her, the adoption was completed and they went to get acquainted. The very next day the Ranch received a frantic email from Tom saying Muffin had disappeared! The Ranch Hands offered suggestions to a very distraught Tom. But once again fate intervened and Muffin returned from hiding. Tom sent us the following email proclaiming the return of Muffin!

"Left a message on your answering machine, but wanted to make SURE you got the good news. I do not know WHERE she was hiding. . . but she should be with the CIA! I searched the house at least 4 times, and a friend came over and did the same thing! As I sat at the computer I thought I heard a little meow, meow, meow very faint. Started looking all around, then I turned around and there she stood in the middle of the living room--with that "I'm VERY hungry" look! She's now well fed (breakfast and dinner portions) and hopefully will now no longer scare her poor human half to death!" Tom gave Muffin enough space to feel safe and was so very patient with her as she adjusted to her new home. He said in a recent email..."She is clearly getting a lot more comfortable every day--spenidng less and less time under my bed (her "safe place") and more exploring or just finding a place in the living room or family room or dining room (usually whichever room I'm in, but not always)! Yesterday I went in the bedroom for something, assuming she'd be under the bed and there she sat on top of the bed! So I gather she is becoming more comfortable and less fearful every day!"

Tom and Muffin now belong to each other! This was a very special adoption indeed! Thank you Tom for giving Muffin a second chance!


Success comes in many different ways!

loki nimrodMeet Loki (left) and Nimrod (right). These are two “aged like fine wine” fellows. They came to the Ranch in April 2010 when their owner went into a nursing home. Each had some health issues as they were older cats (over 10 years old). Both Loki and Nimrod have adjusted to life on the Ranch. These two are considered sanctuary cats as they will be available for adoption due to their age and health. Their new “forever home” is the Forever Home Feline Ranch. You can see they are quite at home on their cat bed. Success is not always adoption. Success can be a contented life at the Ranch.




Forever Home Feline Ranch
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Springfield, IL  62791

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The Ranch has
every first and fourth Saturday
of the month at the
ACE Hardware
on Walnut at Jefferson
in Springfield, IL
from 11am to 2pm

The Ranch also has cat
adoptions at Petsmart
on the second and third
weekends of each month
from 12pm to 4pm


Loki, one of our long time sanctuary cats passed away. Loki was 13 years old and had a gentle soul. Loki loved people and loved the other cats.
RIP - Loki, you will be missed!



Onto the Rainbow Bridge... Kathy


Kathy came to stay at the ranch on April 4, 2010. Her owner had to relinquish her due to change in life circumstances. Kathy came to the ranch with her sister Susie. These beautiful elderly sisters had a cat tree that they claimed as their own. The other cats in the room knew that the tree belonged to the sisters. They sat on the tree together eating out of the same bowl. Always together and always watching out for one another. Poor Kathy developed kidney disease and gave up the fight. She passed on to the rainbow bridge December 5th and she will be missed.

Kathy is the one on the right in the picture.


RIP Shanna...


Shanna's owner had to go to a nursing home. A kind neighbor was going over to the house and taking care of her for the time being. When the neighbor heard about the Forever Home Feline Ranch she gave us a call. Shanna joined the ranch April 2, 2010. For an older gal she was quite the character. Shanna never missed a meal and decided it was her job to notify the staff of mealtime. Shanna would stand on her hind legs and tap the door with her front paws. Her dance for food was adorable. We found out that Shanna had lymphoma. She hung on for awhile and was quite spry up until the end. At least Shanna isn't suffering any more. We will miss her!


The following cat IS NOT Forever Home Feline Ranch animal. We have not met them, so all of the information provided has been supplied by their owners. If you are interested in offering your home to a cat on this page ... we will assist in providing contact information only. Whatever arrangements you make will be between you and the owner. Forever Home Feline Ranch is in no way responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to us. We are posting cats in this column as a public service to the community.

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